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March 15, 2010

Baby shower and handmade baby clothes

We had a wonderful weather this weekend! I planned a baby shower for my best friend, and this was the first time I thew a baby shower. So I was so glad we were blessed with the amazing sunny weather.
So I decorated the garden with colorful balloons, baked cookies, and my friends brought over other foods to share.
My close friends from high school and their significant other got together...
Played some games.
As for the gift, I made some baby clothes, using polka dot double gaze fabric in different colors. I bought the fabric at Yuzawaya.
The pattern I used was from a website, called handmadenokokoro. The website is in Japanese. Pattern can be downloaded from here. Just like BurdaStyle patterns, this pattern can be printed out in A4 copy papers and glue them together.
The pattern has only one part, and is extremely easy! You only need some bias strips other than the body part.
Since I'm used to making adult's clothes, the baby clothes seemed super small! so tiny and cute.

I only needed 50cm of fabric each for these.
With the fabric left over, I decided to make some matching baby bibs.
The bib pattern is from the same website.
This website is great! They offer a bunch of patterns for baby and kids clothes, all for free!

Since the Japanese patterns do not include seam allowance, I cut out the pattern with seam allowance including.

Baby clothes are amazingly small!
I put everything in a box, with a small soap.
I was so glad that my friend loved it!!


Ophelia.k said...

Looks so much fun!!!
I love those baby dresses. I have the same fabric which I made our pillow case.
Baby bibs are also neat. I may try some since my neighbor just had a baby!

prutsprinses said...

Sweet baby clothes!
If you don't mind me asking now that I think about it, what does the v-sign mean when Japanese people do it in a picture?

Robyn said...

It looks like it was a lovely party. So colorful and sunny.

Those baby outfits and bibs are too sweet. Your friend is a lucky lady.

maritaBliss said...

Oh that is so cute ♥
And how amazing to be able to actually make your friend some baby clothes :)! I'm making a crochet stroller blanket for my sister, just missing 7 squares.

Carolyn said...

Those baby clothes are adorable and your friend is so lucky to have a sweet friend like you!
Oh, and your tuxedo dress is just lovely.

vivatveritas said...

thank you everyone! it was a fun party and i also enjoyed making the baby clothes!

Ai said...

maybe it would be a start for you to make baby line of clotihng in our shop. the baby clothes you made for your friend is really nice.

Stefi said...

so cute, your friend is lucky to have you :)

Nomaliza said...

Hi Chie,

I want to make these lovely baby shirt for my coming soon baby, but I can't seem to find the download button (which is obviously in Japanese) I never had any problom download from other japanese sites before, can you tell me which button? And, can you lank me with other free patterns such as bags pattern and clothes from any japanese sites, since you can read japanese :)

Thanks Chie!!

P/S: Very lovely baby shirts you've made, and great party too!!

vivatveritas said...

hi nomaliza,

here is the direct link:

it's pdf. hope this works!


craftychic said...

oh!! so cute!love the colors!