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February 15, 2010

three day weekend

My three day weekend was filled with baking, a small gift exchange with my husband (with $20 limit! It's really fun, and forces you to be creative:), lots of chocolates, dinner at Bangkok Kitchen, jogging and yoga, sewing (more stuff coming at the shop!) and a cup of coffee and crocheting at a small coffee shop with fire place. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Samantha Nandez said...

Glad you had a wonderful Valentine's weekend :D

Anonymous said...

So Cute!!
Happy Valentine´s Day

Youa said...

love the $20 limit idea b/c it forces you to think outside of the box and actually do something meaningful and creative!

Lily said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment. I love the blog and the clothes that you made are soooo gorgeous! I especially like the blue floral dress. I'm also jealous that you live in Japan because Japanese fabric (and clothes and design and everything else) is soooo amazing!

vivatveritas said...

thank you all, and happy v-day!

>youa, i totally agree! i have more fun with $20 gift, and i also don't feel bad about making my husband spend too much money on me.

>lily oh i love all your creations, especially the one from wikisten made. you are so talented!
i do find pretty good fabrics over here, especially prints. they have really cute prints selection!

Erin Cathleen said...

That sounds like a beautiful weekend! Those chocolates look scrumptious. :) Happy belated Valentines!