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February 19, 2010

Peek at my sewing room

Here is some photos of my sewing room - it's still messy, and there is a lot of room for improvement, but it got so much better than before. I used to use my father's study as my sewing room, but I had to evacuate from there since that room was sooo cold. This time, I have my sewing machine, serger and iron in the same room, which makes the creation process so much smoother. On top of that, there is a bed in the room, so when I get tired of making stuff, I can take a nap!

Although it's not showing in the pictures, there are two chairs in the room - When I sew, my husband sits next to me to study Japanese. He reads some sentences he came up in Japanese and I check his work:)


::HARUNA:: said...

that's so sweet your husband hangs out with you while you sew :) how's his japanese coming along? does he speak much Japanese? my husband doesn't at all... :I he knows only few words.

Erin Cathleen said...

Aw, that is so sweet! Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship. :) And I think your sewing room is cute!

Naoko said...

chie! I really like the dress on the top!! I want it!!!

Samantha Nandez said...

Very fun :D

And yes I took those pics on my blog, I'm glad you enjoy them!

vivatveritas said...

hi haruna san,
his japanese is coming along pretty well! im so glad we have some basic conversations in japanese:) before, all he could say was "socks" and "milk" in japanese!

hi erin, thank you! and all your comments - i enjoyed reading them:)

hey naoko! how have you been?? the dress is one of my favorite dresses too!

hi sam, your pictures look amazing! i really liked the alice in wonderland theme too.