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January 18, 2010


Photos via Day Dream Lily via Fashionising. (I'm sorry, I can't credit the photographer because I couldn't figure out who took these. Please let me know if anyone knows so I can credit!)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine went way too quick. I wish I got more stuff done, I have small but annoying stuff to take care of, such as filing taxes, making phone calls to banks and what not, booking plain ticket, adding miles to my millage card, making photo copies etc. I really have to put myself together to finish these this week.

Instead of working on these stuff, I ended up spending too much time on reading Keigo Higashino's books, playing with my cousin's three-year-old son at a park, drinking bloody Mary with too much solt in it, and watching "Vicky, Christina, Barcelona".

I also have about 10 clothes that I made over last two weeks, but never got around to post on blog. I will be posting more projects this week..

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