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December 4, 2009

Going to Chigasaki for the weekend

Wearing: Calvin Kline skirt, random stripe shirt, Abcrombie sweater, thrifted boots and Bandolino bag

Andy and I are going to a weekend trip to Chigasaki:) I feel so age-appropriate with this outfit and the hem line. I am not a teenager any more, I should not wear mini skirt and shorts all the time..hehe
I layer the stripe shirt with a sweater cardigan, so I can adjust the weather..I always get so hot in train! I was tempted to pair high heels with this high waisted skirt, but I decided to wear flat heeled boots so I can walk around without pain.
I packed everything I need for tonight and tomorrow in this Bandolino bag: pj, make up stuff, contact solution, clothes and undie for tomorrow, book to read in train, and a bottle of water. I'm a minimalist for most things and this is one of them!
Have a great weekend!


carlyjcais said...

It's beautiful and sophisticated!
I really love how you added that pastel bag - it's like a little pop of color but so subtle!

vivatveritas said...

thank you carly!

Song of Style said...

u r sooo pretty!

Hanae said...

suteki na blog desu ne! love your outfit!

Walk The Sand said...

I love the striped shirt. It's perfect, the sleeves are beautiful.

Lia said...

This is a beautiful outfit! I looooove it