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November 4, 2009

Tokyo designer's week

From the end of last week to yesterday, Nov. 3rd, we had Tokyo designer's week exhibition here in Japan. Since my sister was helping out one of the designers' booth, I went to check out the exhibition with her.

Here are outfit photos of my sister and I yesterday.. it was freezing cold!

My sister wearing: thrifted coat for $20, boots she bought last year and the rest is unknown.

I'm wearing: thrifted Zara sweater, handmade skirt and scarf (also available here), thrifted boots and furla bag. oh and the hat, my mom bought it before I left for Philly 5 years ago, since she knew that it would be cold over there. Andy thinks I look ridiculous in that hat, but I like it! It keeps me warm, and that's all that matters when it's freezing outside..

These are my favorites from the designer's week. I wish I had an endless space/closet to store beautiful garments! The drawers below are shaped as a little black dress.. isn't this adorable?

The guy behind the drawers in the pic is the desiner for these.
I don't know how they are connected together! I would be afraid that I would knock it over!

1 comment:

NGLaLALa said...

Ooo.. that looks like fun! I love your outfits... they're so cute!