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November 24, 2009

Party dress I

Although I have not invited to any holiday parties (yet, hopefully!), I already started planning for party dresses. Perhaps because it's all about Christmas over here already. Malls and stores put up Christmas decoration right after Halloween, since we do not have Thanksgiving in Japan. Also my little sister had asked me to design her a party dress for her to wear. So this dress I made was just part 1! More party dresses are coming to the shop:)

This dress is a modification of my Kirstin Dunst inspired dress. I made a change in the back, to make a big bow and open back. This came out more clubby than I was expecting... but might be good for new year's eve?

I had a really nice weekend in Nagoya. Met friends over there and their kids. We took a bus to Nagoya , but it was terrible, we got stuck in the traffic and took us almost 7 hours to get there! Thankfully, our friend drove us to Tokyo on Monday, and it took much less. I can't wait for Thanksgiving, we are having a party on Saturday instead of Thursday, which is not a holiday in Japan. I'm going to shopping at Costco this week to get turkey, cranberry sauce etc...


satomi said...

パーティってなかなかないけど、パーティ用にとあれこれ準備するのは楽しいですよね♪ 特にドレス選びは!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! :)

Anonymous said...

You look so gorgeous!

vivatveritas said...



Thank you Jen!

satomi said...

コメント、ちゃんと届いて良かったです!やっとコメントの方法が理解できました(おばちゃん!。。。汗)) これから頻繁におじゃまさせて頂きます♪ あと、リンク貼らせて下さいね~