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November 6, 2009

Lovely sewing rooms

"Shelves, Magnetic Rack, Ribbon Rack, Tools - North East Corner" from Crafty Intentions,
"sewing machine" from anadelmann, "sewing area" and "stash corner" from amber in norfolk, "sewing corner" from uhoh over

Right now I am using my father's study as sewing room - my fabric, thread, sewing machines and buttons are all over the place, on top of his documents, books, old picture and what not. Someday, I would like to have a cute sewing room, organized! Above are some inspiration for my future sewing room - hopefully!


lunatepetal said...

I wish I could have my own sewing/crafting room, too! right now I have a sewing/crafting CORNER, and it's been this way forever :(
and also wish I was good at organizing things... the room in the first pic is so nicely organized and tidy!!

verypurpleperson said...

I wonder how people do this, my sewing room is so messy. Sometimes I couldn't find something or even forgotten that I have a certain thing. I'm so bad at organization...

Akazukin said...

Oh I agree, I can't wait to have a proper sewing room. I think you can save a lot of time and do a better job. I actually like using tatami for cutting things out but sewing on top of kotatsu can't be good.

vivatveritas said...

i am so messy too. i can't find things, never! although, my room is pretty clean (i do duskin everyday!), but not my sewing room.
i wish my sewing room look like the pics above..

maritaBliss said...

Love the first one!

Katrina said...

I love the last room, it looks very peaceful.