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October 19, 2009

Saturday thrift shopping

On Saturday last week, my husband, sister and I went to a thrift shopping in town. It might be more accurate to say that only my sister and I went to shopping, because Andy was watching some program that was on the TV at the store. For some reasons, the pictures turned out so much more brown looking than I wanted...perhaps because I took them in a dark room without much light.

Anyways, all the nine items below, I got for 50 cents (50 yen) each!
From the left top corner: 1. leopard pattern dress: I will probably end up re-making something out of this since I am not a leopard kind of gal! 2. no brand black tunic, 3. zara black sweater, 4. navy blue dress, 5. gray tank in polkadot and stripe, 6. yellow sandals, 7. crushed velvet black dress (planning on adding some studs to it!), 8. black sandals and 9. black vest.
Here are what my sister got. They were not 50 cents each, but were great deal! You can tell that her style is much more preppy than mine. I think preppy looks great on her, unlike me, if I put on a button down shirt and a slacks, I end up looking much older than my real age.
the left bottom is, Skorts. I remember wearing them when I was in elementary school. They look as though you are wearing a skirt, and this one she got is really cute for mere $3! (290 yen)


Naoko said...

great deals!! good job chie!

lunatepetal said...

seems like had lots of fun shopping, you two :)!
I remember wearing skorts too... I loved them as a kid.

p.s. love the jacket your sis got. very cute :)

maritaBliss said...

Nice. Great finds :)!

June Paski said...

wow love all of them ur soo lucky, I wish I live in japan :)


nana said...

Hi Chie,

I am interested to know where is the best place to go for trifting in Japan?

vivatveritas said...

hi nana,

i am so not an expert in thrift shopping in japan, and i only know about the places around my house. the one i went was in a small city called Koshigaya, in saitama prefecture. I also go to "King's family" with mom, and their price is a bit expensive, but if you become a member, you get an online coupon for 50% off. other places would be in harajyuku, tokyo, or shimokitazawa, but i have not explored there yet. hope this helps, ask if you have any questions!!