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October 17, 2009

New shoes

I went to shopping with my friend from high school on Thursday, and picked up these shoes. I was initially looking for flats, but then I found very low heel wedge pumps with gems, and fell in love with them. When I took them home, Andy commented, that these shoes look like the ones Genie would wear in Aladdin...
Wearing: handmade scarf, f21 knit dress, h&m camisole, uniqlo gray tights and new pumps:)
Since the shoes has such an impact, I paired them with a simple black knit dress that I used to wear when I worked at the office. My style definitely changed a lot from the time I used to go to the office and now, working from home. I am more attracted to shorts, mini skirts and bright color tights that I wouldn't have been able to wear to work before.

Oh, and I am definitely enjoying the weather here! It is so mild. So sunny during the day lately and cools down at night. I certainly do not miss Philly's shitty (excuse me) weather.

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