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October 24, 2009

Friday library trip

I had this uniqlo bf jacket I thrifted a month ago, and the sleeves were way too long for me, because the jacket was for men's. So I did a little diy, and cut off the length, added polka dot fabric for a cuff and change the gray button to matching polka dot.

I am not sure if I like the result, because the polka dot limits the clothes that I can pair with, as opposed to plain gray jacket. but oh well. And I just realized that I was wearing three kinds of polka dot today, with gray tanktop polka dot, and skirt!
I took a trip to a library during lunch hour today to take out some sewing books. I got one about jacket, and old, "Mrs summer clothes" pattern book. I am not sure if I will use their patterns, but I just like to look at the books for inspiration.


Heini said...

I always admire people with skills in handcrafts. Cause I´m all thumbs.

Lauren said...

great job with the DIY - i'm learning to use a sewing machine right now and it's not going so well... the jacket looks amazing!


vivatveritas said...

thank you bth heini and lauren!