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September 15, 2009

zipper zipper

Last time I went to Nippori fabric row, I happened to find 10 zippers for 100 yen (about a dollar). Since they were so cheap, I had to ask at the cashier if there was something wrong with them. Thankfully, they were all good zippers, functional, and the store was just trying to get rid of them. Now everything I make has exposed zipper. Besides this tank, I made some other things with exposed zipper details, which I will post sometime later. I think zipper adds some accent to a simple piece, such as a black tank. I really like how Alexander Wang uses exposed zippers in his Spring 2010 collection, like this one or this.

This is what the dress looks like without the zipper top on. Yes, it is not a skirt, but a dress that I made a while ago. Now available here.
I am super super sore after Andy helped me work out today. It was only for a 20 mins exercise, but it really killed me. 5 rounds of 3 min punching bags, 3 sets of 30 sec high jumps, 3 sets of 30 sec mountain climbers (I hate those), and 50 squats. My hands were shaking, trying to use chopsticks for dinner.


Marta Castellanos said...

I love the dress, is beautiful. And the print is so nice...i wish to know how to do my own clothes.

chie said...

hi marta, thank you! i really like floral prints a lot too.