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September 17, 2009

Next project: Biker jacket

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I really want a biker jacket this fall to pair with some summer flower dresses, tights, and booties. I want a real leather one. I love the smell and the feel of real leather, that the fake ones don't have. I've been checking some leather biker jackets, but they are so expensive. I was hoping to score one at a thrift store, but I don't think I will get that lucky.

Thankfully, I found this biker jacket pattern on Burdastyle. The design is simple and slim fitted, which I like. I have never sewn a leather fabric, so I will try in thick jersey (my favorite) or denim first to try out, then perhaps make one ine real leather. Anyone knows where to purchase leather fabric in Tokyo?

This hot pink mini skirt with big pockets was added to the shop today - check it out!


lunatepetal said...

I am still in search of a nice biker's jacket too! one with a nice shape and nice fit is very hard to find I think...
I've been thinking of making another one of the burdastyle version. the one I made before didn't turn out the way I wanted... maybe wrong choice of fabric... I'd also want to try leather!

NGLaLALa said...

I want a biker jacket, too! I like the Burda Style one, and I also have Vogue 2973, which is pretty cute, too. :)

mom & son said...

nice outfit!
you're indeed a sweet and young girl!

Anonymous said...

i love the hot pink skirt!! omg the last topshop biker is amazing!

chie said...

hi luna, so you've made a biker jacket before! i would love to see your version!!

hello nglalala, oh i definitly have to check out the vogue pattern you told me. thats so cool. thanks for the info!

hi mom7amp, thank you!! so nice of you:)

wana, thank you for the compliment! i love top shop biker jackets too. they are not all that expensive(was about 44 euros), but they are not leather!

Slanelle said...

i'm gonna check out the shop cuz i love that mini skirt

chie said...

thank you slanelle! let me know if you have any questions:)