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September 7, 2009

Friday's outfit

Just a quick post about Friday's outfit.. I wore this to go to Shinjyuku, Tokyo. I am having a hard time finding places here. I miss Philly or New York's block system. It is so easy. But over here, I always have to print out a map, and even if I follow the map, it is impossible to find a place following the land marks, because sometimes 7 eleven goes out of business and no longer exist, or there are three UFJ banks in the area, and I can't find the ride road. Very frustrating. Past two weeks since I got here, I feel like I've spent most of time being lost!

Anyway, I wore a baggy stripe top, and a handmade zipper front skirt that day, with bandolino sandals. Thank God I carried flip flops with me, because I desperately needed to change my shose after wondering around Shunjyuku for half an hour.


Kaitlyn Dreyling said...

I totally know what you mean by the roads! But one time I was looking for Momo Para ( in Shibuya and somehow I was impressed by my map reading skills! You should totally take Andy! They have them in various locations, so there might be one closer, but the prices are amazing and the food is so good!

I always carry flip flops just in case!! Glad to know you couldn't wear those heels the whole trip, because at first I was impressed ;)

ZĂ©nab said...

Woah! your dress looks amazing! and only half an hour. Cheers though. I really like the dress.

chie said...

hey kaitlyn! i will check that site out! im glad we agreed. i hate how the streets are constructed over here. it's impossible!

no way that i would have lasted in those heels. i love heels but they are so unpractical:(

thank you zenab! yup, it took only half an hour. it is pretty simple!