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September 13, 2009

Fall trends: Love and Hate

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After reading this article about fall 2009 trends at WhoWhatWear, I realized its trend is a mixture of what I love and hate.

I love...
  • Platform pumps: Uncomfortable it may be to walk around, you can't deny the fact it makes your legs long and sexy.
  • Razzle Dazzle legs: I love wearing tights in winter. If it is embellished or textured, it's even better. Most of all, it is practical to wear tights in cold winter, they keep you warm!
  • Long sleeve mini dresses: I'm already planning on making many mini dresses for my shop this fall/winter. American Apparel always has the most basic yet perfect basic dresses like this long sleeve one. I love the versatility of this item - you can simply wear it by itself, or can pair with a skirt to make it look like a top!
  • Slouchy overcoat: I like having fun with coats - that's the first thing people see in the winter. It does look complicated to draft the pattern of those though.
  • Winter shorts, paired with opaque tights.
  • Lingerie display: If this is done correctly, I think it would look very chic. If it's done badly, you risk being look like a hooker though.

I hate...
  • Sculpted shoulders: Don't they look like a crown? It is just unnatural to make your shoulder protruded like that.
  • Knee-high boots: I have never seen a person who can pull this off correctly. You necessarily look like a prostitute... I might change my mind once I see someone wearing them in a classy, and good-girl way. I hate to look cheap and easy.


lunatepetal said...

love long sleeve mini dress & lingerie display trend! whether or not I have a guts to show off too much of lingerie... :P

chie said...

i agree luna! im not sure if i can pull off showing lingerie, but i like the look of it very much:)

kerry said...

LOVE the kirkwood pumps, those are so hot!!

ooh i love the thigh high boots but completely agree, its a really hard look to pull off without looking trashy

too cold for the winter shorts in toronto, but still cute!

chie said...

hi kerry! glad you agree with me on the thigh high boots:p

yea shorts might be too cold in toronto.. i wouldnt have worn it if i were still in philly. thankfully in tokyo, winter is pretty mild:)