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July 22, 2009

Pink grapefruit camisole

I can't believe the move to Japan is coming up in a month! I have a mixed feeling about this. I am nervous, very nervous. But I'm hoping that something good will come through this. 
Anyways, I really have to go through my fabric stash. I have too much.. most of them are less than a yard, and I can't really make much with a less than a yard fabric. However, if you connect two less than a yard fabric, you can make a top or camisole! 

So here is what I made last night:) 

As you can see above, I literally have only a scrap of fabric left. I cut out some pieces without pattern, and made a camisole.
The strip of flower fabric on the bottom is more from a practical reason - I did not have long enough fabric for the camisole, that's why I added the flower fabric:p
I'm pretty satisfy with the result, and happy that I didn't have to waist the fabric! 


JINX said...

you are so beautiful....


Karencilla said...

super nice! it's lovely.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

This is so goregous!!! Very sweet for summer time, I want it to be summer here!

chie said...

thank you all for your comments! xoxo

Savvy Mode SG said...

WOW! you are so talented.

DaisyChain said...

that is so beautiful!

chie said...

thank you so much girls!

kimmy707 said...

...and you still buy clothes?? :O wow wow wow (for all of them I've seen so far)