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July 2, 2009

love the new machine!

I had to work till 9pm last night, which is pretty rare for me. But working late did not prevent me from trying my new Janome sewing machine. I ended up staying a bit late and made this dress. I am so happy with the new machine. It is so much quieter, and faster than my old Kenmore. I liked my Kenmore machine, and I made more than 150 garments, using it. But I am happy to move on to a new machine, and pass on the Kenmore to a new user, Sammy. She will be altering vintage clothes and selling them in NY!

P.S. Kaitlyn, I can't thank you enough for the Kenmore sewing machine! You are the best!
Going to NY for the 4th of July weekend!


kerry said...

this dress is SO adorable!!!

chie said...

thank you kerry!!

Karencilla said...

so pretty!! i love the fabric and the style.
NY? i envy you!

chie said...

thank you karen! yea philly is only 2 hours away from NY. so we are going there to see some friends, before we move to japan:) its 4th of july weekend, and i have a friday off!

Maverick Malone said...

Really pretty :) Nice work <3

xox, mavi

chie said...

thank you mavi, and thanks for visiting!