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July 6, 2009

I don't know why I'm so sleepy...

Romper: Handmade by me
Leggings: Uniqulo
Hoodie: Boughuch t in Japan
Bangle and sandals: Eternity

I liked the romper I made for my shop so much, I made one for myself to wear:p For church today, I added leggings so I won't show too much skin..
It seems like Andy and I will be traveling almost every weekend from now to the mid August, to say good bye to people here in the states, before we move to Japan. I'm just hoping that our car will last during these travel! We drive old toyota from 95.

P.S. Dear Caroline, please reply to my newest post with the link, since I can't seem to find where you posted your comments! Sorry!


Caroline said...

Aww I havent seen this post until now... i'm pretty sure you mean me? =) I've been reading your blog every time I've been given a chance and had the time =) And now I have finished them all and also commented on some more and i have added links =) yaay! I think... hmm... Anyway, I have many questions regarding tutorials... your clothes are SO beautiful, romantic and feminine and I know it may seem to you that I'm exaggerating but I'm not! This is my opinion and I would be so happy if I could sew like you. I'm in the making of a Halternecktop right now... Yeah wish me luck there haha. I love sewing and love the thought of being creative but now I want to put those thoughts into action. Do you know how I mean? I always wanted to sew but I haven't had a sewingmachine and then i've never really thought i could do it because my imagination sometimes is a bit limited. For example... A Halternecktop is NOT difficult to sew and I know that but still I keep staring at the fabric not knowing how to begin and it bugs me so maybe a tutorial on a Halternecktop? =)

I am sorry this is a long comment... hope I didn't bore you out totally!

Better go to sleep, it's 2:55 am here (vacation) but I'm reading sewingblogs =D

Caroline said...

Correction: When I wrote that I end up staring at the fabric I meant that I don't know how to cut the pattern... I too find inspiration through magazines and stuff and sometimes there is pics of how it's done but a very small pic and then you have to make the pattern larger... i think you know how I mean... and then is when I get stuck =)

chie said...

yes! you:) i sew all your comments, but wasnt sure where you were commenting to.
good luck on making halter neck top, i recommend using patterns if you are a beginner. following a pattern helps a lot. burda style has a lot of patterns you can get! then after you get used to it, you can make it without pattern too:)
have a great time on your vacation, and thank you for reading my blog!

DaisyChain said...

I LOVE the romper

Caroline said...

Hi and thank you for replying to my comments =) I have printed one pattern (a couple of weeks ago, I think it was Tara) and it came out 14 sheets. But I don't understand at all how I'm suppose to get a top out of that LOL... how do you do then? Any tips?

chie said...

Hi Laura! Thank you~:) I love wearing rompers in the summer too!

Caroline: I guess you glue the papers together.. then cut out the pattern. Tara is such a nice pattern, and you can make a lot of variation out of it! good luck!