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July 12, 2009

DIY: Vintage silk halter top

Naoko from Ultramarine Vintage had asked me to remake this oversized silk top into a cute wearable halter top. I don't have much experience in remaking stuff, so I was a bit nervous.
Here is what the top looked like before the makeover...
It is 100 percent silk, size L, and has a cute pocket on the left side. The fabric is very nice, but you don't want to wear this in 2009... it requires a bit more work.
I cut out the sleeves, and halt of the back. In the back, I made a loop for the elastic.
For front, I wanted to leave the pocket. So I cut the neckline little deeper, and made another loop for elastic in the front as well.
With the fabric I cut out, I made a strap to go around the neck.

Here is the result! It will be available at Ultramarine Vintage!
Check out her shop as she is adding many items daily!


Caroline said...

Very nice! Good job!

Naoko said...

Great job chie! can't wait to see it in real life! Thank you so much :)

chie said...

thank you caroline!!

no problem naoko:) it was fun!