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July 1, 2009

New sewing machine has arrived!

I'm so excited to use this new sewing machine of mine! I bought Janome Thread Banger 12. I've been using Kenmore, then got a Brother sewing machine for Christmas, but brother was just not working for me. I'm sure it is perfectly fine for someone who do a little bit of sewing, but since I use it so much, it couldn't bear the labor. Janome TB12 was recommended from the place I got, Ken's Sewing Center. If you are thinking of buying a sewing machine, I do recommend buying from them. They are the nicest people, and very helpful. I will report how this sewing machine will work for me in a couple of weeks:)

Any request for next tutorials? I'm thinking of doing one again!


Caroline said...

Oh I have many requests for tutorials *wink* your cute dresses for example... such as the floral dress you made? =)


chie said...

hi caroline! which floral dress are you talking about? i love floral patterns and used them very often, and i get all mixed up! ;P
i'll definitely try doing another tutorial!