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May 5, 2009


i'm super super stiff from the run yesterday, to the point that i'm reluctant to get up to go to bathroom. sewing, i can do, since i am sitting down when i sew. 
so during lunch hour today, instead of going to gym, i went to sephora:p and here is what i got: Ultra Comforting Clensing Milk from L'Occitane. i used it already when i came home today, and i love it - its so mild for my sensitive skin, and doesnt dry out the skin after taking off make-up. im pretty pleased with the price too (it was $22), since if you were to buy the same product in Japan, it would have cost me about 40 bucks! 


Karencilla said...

Good Deal!
It's good to pamper yourself sometimes.

chie said...

thats right karen! i totally recommend this cleansing milk though. great for sensitive skin:)