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May 15, 2009

from Thailand

when i came home last night, i found an envelop in my mail box, unsealed. the edge of the envelop was tucked in, but not sealed, and it came all the way from thailand! 

the letter was from rahab ministry in thailand. i mentioned rahab ministry in my etsy profile, but 10% of the purchase you make at vivat veritas is given to rahab. they help support women in prostitution in thailand by providing other means to live. they teach them how to make jewlries and such. i have not yet met them personally, but i get news letters every month, and pray for them.. 
my husband and i went to thailand for honeymoon 2 and a half years ago. although we enjoyed ourselves there, it was also sad to see that sex trade is so prevalent, and sadly, japanese contribute to it very much. i heard that there is a secret tour trip to thailand for men to buy prostitutes and stuff. 

the picture below is a thank you card that i received from them... so sweet! 

andy and i are planning to go visit them in june, hopefully, it'll really happen!
pic taken at beach in pattaya, thailand


Karencilla said...

wow that's awesome chie. Is that a Christian organization?
Anyways that's awesome what they are doing.

Oh thailand that's so romantic! =)Can't wait to find my prince..

Trixie La Belle said...

Omg, the beach! Can't wait to get tere :D:D


DaisyChain said...

Wow, how fantastic!

Tough Cookie said...

Great blog! So glad I just found it.

chie said...

thank you everyone for your comments!

karen: yes, i forgot to mention it, but its a christian organization. btw, my husband's second cuisine was a missionary in panama!

hi trixie, and laura, i know, the beach is wonderful!

thank you for visiting, tough cookie! come again:)

Karencilla said...

Really?!! wow! this world is small indeed hahaha.
That's awesome Chie.

chie said...

yup, they came back to the states for now though. so my husband's been to panama once to visit them. i've never been to south america, and i would love to in the near future!

Rahab said...

Hi Chie, Just saw our card on your blog and thought I'd tell you what has been happening this week - since the H1N1 flu has been happening in Thailand, we decided not to go to the bars in Patpong Soi 1, but just to go the open air ones in Soi 2. It has been wonderful as we have met new women, we would not have if we had been going at night. On Tuesday one woman gave her heart to God and her friend from the same bar yesterday. They are so precious and we hope they will soon be able to leave the bars.

chie said...

Hi! Is this Jill? It was so nice to be able to visit you guys in June. The story about the woman is amazing. I read in your newsletter that you are looking for a long term and short term volunteers. How I wish I could do that! Andy and I are preparing to leave the States in a month. Keep in touch!!