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March 2, 2009

my friend's shop

my friend, yuko has just opened up her etsy shop! she has many cute japanese stuff, like crane earrings and pouches and stuff. she is doing this to help educate girls in cambodia..

here is a bit about her organization:

Team Boravuth was founded on February 11, 2009 for the purpose of promoting the education and well-being of young girls in Southeast Asia through the arts. The project is named in memoriam to Boravuth Sorn whose passion for helping young girls in Cambodia inspired the creation of this project.

Various artists contribute their products for sale to help finance Team Boravuth. When you purchase any of the items displayed in the website, fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds will be directly applied to the “Girls be Ambitious” scholarship program managed by
American Assistance for Cambodia/Japan Relief for Cambodia (AAfC) . Girls be Ambitious program is to prevent the trafficking of Cambodian girls and women for sexual and labor exploitation through an incentive program for girls from poverty-stricken homes to stay in school and receive additional vocational training that will provide employment alternatives, income generation and social and political empowerment. Other will be applied to such as expenses of art supplies, advertisements and travel fees.

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