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March 15, 2009

flower prints and gingham

i went to fabric shopping and thrifting with my friends, naoko and yuko today. here are what i got...

flower prints for spring dresses! those black and pepper mint flower prints are so lovely. cant wait to use them. picking fabric for my next creation is one of the most exciting moments in making clothes.

i didnt get to spend too much time at the thrift store, i only got two belts. on in black and one in blue. they were only $1 each. naoko got this cutest vintage green dress that's made in france. it was so cute. 

* i started drinking 3-4 litters (little less than a gallon) of water every day. i used to have dried lips during the winter, but they got healed! and my skin feels nice. i have to go to bathroom every 5 mins though.

* im still mad at USPS! i hate them with passion. i never got my lost mails back and they did not make an effort to find it for me. 

* baking brownies tomorrow morning! i love how the room smells when im baking....:) 

1 comment:

Caroline said...

I love this fabric... or I mean the look =) Looks so cosy - good for a pyjamas maybe =)