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March 21, 2009


so Wednesday this week, i took a day off from work, and my husband took me to a mall. ive worked so hard the past couple of months - both at my regular law firm job and also for my clothing line. i sew almost every night after andy goes to bed, sew for a couple of hours to keep up my shop. 

and here is the treat i got for my self! FURLA BAG:)

i love it! its white color leather bag, and perfect for going to work, or pair with suit.
i like furla because they have nice solid color leather bag that i can use for a long time.

after the shopping, i felt so guilty for spending big money (at least for me) for just a bag. but andy said that its okay because we can't do this all the time once we start a family. he is such a good husband! 

then he took me to the cheese cake factory and i had peanut butter chocolate cookie doe cheese cake... it was delicious! i've always wanted to go to the cheese cake factory, since we dont have that in the city. but the one in the mall is always crowded on weekend, so it was so nice to go during the week when no one was there. 

my Yukina dress made a front page of etsy today - thank you fiveforty for including me in your treasury! 


Karencilla said...

I understand you perfectly. But Hey! you deserve it. Indulge yourself once in a while.

You have a great husband! mmm Cheese cake.. i envy you in a good way hahaha

Hey btw did you get the email i sent you?

Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

hey karen! thanks for your comment - you made me feel better about my purchase:p

sorry i didnt respond to your mail promptly.. i sent a response a couple of hours ago:)