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February 4, 2009

another top - fabric stash project

black & flower top available at vivatveritas

im just really trying to go through all my fabric stash and use them, before i start making spring/summer clothes. at first, i only had a little bit of remnants, but now i have like two big bags of them. some of the left over fabrics, i have no idea what to do with. to small to make a top or anything, but big enough that i don't want to through away. any ideas?? 


Trisha said...
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Trisha said...

I enjoy looking at your creations--- you are such a prolific sewer!
Maybe you can use the remnants for trim on a shirt or dress? Maybe for wallets or purses?

chie said...

Hi Trisha! Thank you for visiting my blog! wallets or purses sounds great. I want to learn to sew something other than women's clothes. I just feel bad for throwing away those left overs! Thank you for your idea:)

Caroline said...

Hi! Thanks for getting back to me! =) You replied that if I had any questions I would just ask =) So I will he he.

I'm wondering how you made this top? Do you have a how-to or maybe you can write a short step by step for me?? If not it's Ok... I just think it looks lovely and I wanna try and sew it! =) Are you a professional designer? Cus it says on your Burdastyleprofile that you're "just" intermediate".