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January 15, 2009

wish list

images originally downloaded from Shopruche

these dresses are so lovely! the first one, "claret purple bubble dress" is $39.99. the second one, "soubrette black babydoll dress" is $36.99. so cute and so cheap too!! 


Karencilla said...

i totally love them, specially the first one. it's really beautiful.

Oh yes, i'm traveling. I'll leave this weekend. I'll be out of home for almost two months..

chie said...

hi karen, wow, for two months! where are you going? i hope you'll have a good time:) will you be updating your blog? i'll miss your posts if you dont!

Karencilla said...

Don't worry Chie, I'll be updating the blog for sure, as many times as i can. I'll die if i won't!!!
I'm going to Orlando, help my aunt and stick around with the family.

chie said...

oh ok. i hope you'll have a great time! im leaving for little over a week too, im leaving for japan!

Karencilla said...

Oh my!! i envy you! Japan, i bet it is beautiful!