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December 21, 2008

mom jacket

although i made this for my mom for christmas gift, i'd end up using as much as she does...when i go back to japan in january! its too cold to wear it in philly, but in tokyo, this jacket would be perfect with turtle neck in side. 

i used the japanese pattern book, called, "shiroi fuku kuroi fuku" by sato watabe. i bought this when i went to ny, thinking, id use it to make the purchase worth it. however, i would give this book 3 stars out of 5.. one of the reasons is that i have to trace the patterns, and many patterns are intertwined in big sheet of paper and its really really hard to see what lines are connected to what. i get so frustrated with this! i spent more time tracing the pattern than actually making it.  another reason for 3 stars is that most garments are so boxy. i like fitted styles much better, and when i bought the pattern, i didnt consider that. 

but over all, the book is nice to have and i like how this jacket turned out. the pattern book is like $25 in US. 


Karencilla said...

Oh it's gorgeous!

I wish I could wear coats here... but this is a tropical jungle.. hahaha

chie said...

im jealous of the weather over there! its freezing cold here! always raining or snowing, dark and miserable. i love happy sunny weather, hot and humid. how i wish i were there...

Karencilla said...

ok Chie, we must trade for a while! I want some snow and freezing cold and you want some hot-humid weather.

chie said...

sounds like a good idea to me! i planned a trip to vegas to avoid cold weather a week ago, but it ended up raining and cold there only where i was there! couldn't believe my bad luck. its a desert, and supposed to be hot all the time! :(