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December 27, 2008

happy 2nd year anniversary

andy (my husband) and i try to do something fun for our anniversary which is on dec 12th. last year, we went to le bec fin, which is the only 5 star restaurant in philly.
this year, we decided to escape the cold cold weather in north east, and flew to las vegas! however, the entire time we were there, it rained. it was so sad. we stayed at luxor.

the hotel we stayed...

downtown vegas


Karencilla said...

Oh my! Las Vegas! i love it, I went this year it is awesome!!!

I will definitely go back.

chie said...

was it sunny when you went there? when i went there, the pool and hot tub were closed because of rain!

Karencilla said...

well it was winter, some days were sunny but it didn't rain too much, even though it was sunny some days it was to cold for me to swim in the pool! i think the weather was good when i went.

did you had the chance to go to the red rock canyon? it is a very nice place.