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November 30, 2008

what i got today

from forever 21! 
wine red color tights: $5.80
flower earrings: $2.80


Karencilla said...

Oh my! those are cute! love the color.

chie said...

they have many other different colors - green, blue and purple. i almost got the purple too. they are only 5.80!

Karencilla said...

That's really great. Here in Panama clothing and accessories are very inexpensive, i bought a pair of black tights for $2.00

Lizz Larrauri said...

Love Forever 21. My favorite store for trendy unexpensive accesories.

chie said...

hey karen, wow $2.00 for a pair of tights is really cheap. i asked my husband about green tights, but he said that i shouldnt buy it cuz i would look like a peter pan.... do you think so?!

Hi Lizz, i completely agree! they have things that are really cheap but still hip!

Karencilla said...

Well, I wouldn't say that you would look like peter pan but it's a very risky color, all depends of how and with what you wear it.
I recommend you that before buying it, look for some outfits or celebrities pictures to see how to wear it. If you don't feel sure about it, don't buy it.

Remember that looking fabulous = 35% great outfit + 65% of confidence about your outfit.