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November 18, 2008

my weekend

weekends pass by so fast every weekend. i always wish it's longer than it is!
my friend Kaitlyn came over from NY on Friday. Andy, Kaitlyn and I all went to see the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace and i loved it! it didn't get a good review, so i wasn't sure what's going to look like, but i thought it was great. loved it.

then i finished making this dress for my sister's friend. she wanted it for a christmas party. i hope she'll like it. it's made out of little shinny satin, and lined.

then i went to the local thrift store and found these. $3 each!

i got a pair of black leather (i think it's real leather... but i might be wrong) for $4. i've already started wearing them. can't believe i got them so cheap! i havent taken a pic of them, but i will soon.

then andy and i took a long walk. we stop at this tea shop.
we had caramel chocolate tea and it was sooo good!

Sunday: ran 6 miles. im training for Broadstreet run.
then off to church:)

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