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November 24, 2008

handmade underwear

thanks to verypurpleperson's this blog post, i figured out the way to use my fabric scraps. as you might know, i love using jersey fabrics... anything with stretch. so i can avoid zippers, and not have to worry about fitting so much. 
as a starter, i made a boyfriend shorts using left over from this purple maxi dress. its cotton with stretch. 

i got a pattern from my victoria secret underwear...using wrapping paper

cut out a fabric, two each.

and voila! 

thank you verypurpleperson for inspiration! 


verypurpleperson said...

so cute! glad that all the scraps now can be turned into something useful ^.^

chie said...

thanks!! i know, it is a great idea - i will be making more in the future.

Kaitlyn Dreyling said...


chie said...

thanks kaitlyn!

Caroline said...

Hmm... I'm very new to this sewingthing... how do you put this pieces together?? I'm not sure I get it...hmm... i liked them though! =)