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November 24, 2008

green dress

i made this dress recently. i modified Malissa pattern from BurdaStyle.
i just cut the front panel in three: top, waist band and skirt. top and skirt are gathered with elastics, and added keyhole detail in front. thats it! pretty simple:)


Karencilla said...

Thanks so much for taking part of your time fixing my blog's name.

I love the color of the dress, is gorgeous! nice job!.

Thanks for the comment at my blog. Well i'm not 21 either but who says the shop is only for 21 years old girls? anyways i wish i could be 21 forever hahaa.

chie said...

my pleasure! it was real easy:)
i used to LOVE forever 21, but now i feel like ive grown out of it.. still like some cheap dresses and cute earrings and stuff. yea, i wish i could be 21 forever too!

Kaitlyn Dreyling said...

I love this one! I like the neck! Next time I come over I have to check out everything you're making :)

chie said...

hey kaitlyn, yea please do! i want to make you something..and your bday is coming up soon!