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October 24, 2008

pea coat complete!

finally! after hours and hours of sewing, i completed the pea coat.
it was a lot of work.... i dont want to make coats with lining for a while.. i should stick with making dresses. they are so much easier and faster and fun!
this is made of corduroy, with cotton lining around bodice and polyester lining around arms. at first, i was going to just use the cotton fabric for the entire lining, but decided to use polyester thin fabric around arms. i think i made a right decision, since its so much easier to put on and take off since the fabric slips well.

the unfortunate thing is that i found one of the buttons chipping a bit. it's a tiny bit chip, but certainly a turn-off! so when i posted it to Etsy, i marked it down and warn them about the chipping :(

Karencilla, thanks for your comment! i will respond to the tag soon:)


Karencilla said...

it's gorgeous! I wish Panama had winter season... it's always summer here, or raining!

YAY i can't wait to read random stuff from you!

chie said...

thank you for your comment! oh your from panama! thats cool... i wish i could live somewhere in tropical weather. i would love that. north east is too cold for my like..