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October 17, 2008

little pink riding hood

as i said in my burdastyle post, i love fleece. i love how it feels on skin, soft and warm in the winter. what i don't love is that every fleece jacket seems way too sporty and not cute.
so i made this little pink riding hood jacket out of pink fleece. after i made this, andy pointed out that i cut off sleeves too short again. i like cropped sleeves, but they are not practical in this cold weather. i guess i can just wear a long sleeve or wear gloves.


Katja said...

That is such a cute fleece jacket. I really like it!
I think the short sleeves look quite nice, if you wear a long sleeve with it.

chie said...

hi katja- thanks for your comment! yea, i really like the look of cropped sleeves, i think they make your wrists look skinny.