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October 13, 2008

lime green kimono top

i just love kimono sleeves. i needed to include them in my latest creation... again!
the color lime green is not my favorite, but since i had a stash that i needed to use, i picked this color. my husband liked it. i want to make it in pale blue or purple again. maybe i can make a dress by extending the hem length in the future.


Kaitlyn Dreyling said...

I LOVE this top! I too love kimono sleeves! I even like the color :) But, I think you should make more things with kimono sleeves!

chie said...

aw thanks kaitlyn! i have to make you one... i know i said id make you one!! do you want a dress? or a top? i hope its not too cold for it!

Caroline said...

wow this one is really cute... can be nice in deep purple... =)

Caroline said...

Oh btw... I'm curious on how you get that wrinkle effect on tops, dresses etc. It looks so good!