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February 18, 2010

Pale pink

This is my creation #1 from 10 dollar challenge! I think this is my very first time using "pale pink" color for clothes making. I love this color, and how girly the color makes you look. But I always felt it so hard to find perfect pale pink. So I was happy to find this fabric in Nippori the other day for such a good price.

If I were to wear this dress on a regular day, I would ware a tube top my back is not attracting attention 24/7. But the dress can be also worn by itself to clubbing or night out with girl friends I think.

Sorry about talking about weather and temperatures so much in this blog, but the weather was just crazy today. Today started off with a blizzard in the morning, then got cloudy, and by the end of the day it was sunny! Three weathers in one day. The weather man needs make up his mind, I think.


Anonymous said...

Love this dress... have always been a big fan of Pink!!

Carly J. Cais said...

It looks lovely! The low back is so sexy, but the detailing is demure. Love how you've balanced those two!
I'm feeling pale pink for Spring as well - which is sooooo unlike me - so I totally feel ya! I can't wait to go back to Tokyo in the summer and spend some time in Nippori looking for fabrics.
Would you recommend any specific store there?
Thank you!

Samantha Nandez said...

Success! I love it :D Very sweet. I didn't even consider wearing something underneath, that could make for an interesting contrast

boatx2 said...

This is the best ten dollar creation I've ever seen! And it's true, pale pink is hard to incorporate in modern creations (and peaches, I found....) but the contrast of your skin and this shirt makes you look so beautiful.

The back is -great-
Did you use your own backless pattern?

verypurpleperson said...

Oh I love all the back-detailed creations that you've made lately! You can make a whole line of them.
I think the back details give a bit of mysterious yet sexy feel. It looks like an ordinary pretty dress from the front and wham! there's a surprise at the back side!
Can't wait to see creations #2-5!

Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

thanks everyone for your comments!

>carly, i recommend "Tomato"! they have really wide varieties of fabrics and the prices are so reasonable.

thanks! i think i have a thing for open back... prob because i have no boobs to show...:p

i used basic long-t pattern i drafted, and just cut "V" for the back part. pretty simple:)

thank you:) creations 2-5 are coming soon..i already made them, just havent taken photos yet!

Erin Cathleen said...

Such a beautiful color! Blush shades are flattering on everyone, I think. I personally need a slightly brighter pink so I am not washed out. :) But I love this dress on you. The back is gorgeous. I would totally buy something like this!