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February 21, 2010

one fabric, three ways.

Creation 2-4 from ten dollar challenge! I had 2 meters of stripe jersey fabric, and I managed to squeeze in three things. I'm trying my best not to make a waste of fabric. I overbought fabrics when I was in Philly, and I had to give them all away and throw away some scraps when I moved.

This one is a bubble sleeve tunic, and although it's not showing in the picture, it comes with a pinned on bow. I haven't posted this on etsy yet, but I will, sometime this week..

Stripe scarf - I love making scarf with left over fabrics. It requires a very small piece of fabric, and I think scarves are great way to add some accent to simple outfit! Also it keeps your neck warm when you put your hair in bun:)
And again, back bow. I'm obsessed with back details! I guess I'm less embarrased to show my back than my front for some reasons. I used basic T-shirt pattern I drafted before, and changed it up a bit. Listed
if you are interested!
♡Have a great rest of the weekend♡


::HARUNA:: said...

it's awesome you could squeeze THREE things in only 2m!!
I have 4 big bins full of fabric, and I am trying not to add more to the collection, and use up the ones I have somehow, too... long way to go!!
sorry to hear that all the fun things cancelled... but you've got a lot done instead!!

Angela said...

Very cute! Great job using as much fabric as you can!

Samantha Nandez said...

Great fabric, I love the tunic shirt with the bow!!

Erin Cathleen said...

Great job using up fabric scraps! I love these stripes.